Our Dog Grooming Services

Our Dog Grooming Services

We offer a vast choice of professional dog grooming services in the Lymm, Cheshire area. We groom to Breed Standard or Customer Request (styling to traditional looks or your dogs personality and lifestyle).

We mainly cater for dogs and cats in our salons but we are happy to take more unusual animal grooming requests…just get in touch!

Our full dog groom service includes bathing, clippering, scissoring, styling, nail trim and ear cleaning, finishing with a spritz of your favourite fragrance from our range.

If your wire-coated pet is looking untidy then he/she may be due a hand strip groom, this process is a painless removal of dead undercoat out which will promote and maintain the natural shine and texture of the coat.

This is a great pamper session between grooms and helps maintain a knot free coat. It's also a perfect freshen up for short coated breeds.

Our puppy grooms are as simple as ABC! We have designed a 3 groom plan for pups to experience all the sights, sounds and fun in our grooming salon, building up to their big girl/boy trim.

We want to see those beautiful faces and keep them looking smart even between grooms. A face tidy is a light head trim to make a style last longer and usually focuses on the eye area where hair grows quickly.

Nail trims are part of every Four Paws groom for those dogs who need them. We also trim nails as a stand alone service without the need for an appointment. Just pop in and see us!

Does your pup sometimes get in a mess toileting? This is often a problem with longer coated breeds. We can discreetly trim and remove hair from vital areas to help reduce mess when your pooch needs 'to go', keeping them clean and comfortable. A Hygiene Clip won't effect the rest of your dogs coat and they will remain in the style you like. Hygiene Clips are part of our full groom but can also be an independent service.

Four Paws recommends a regular Flea, Tick and Worming treatment cycle for all dogs. We don't accept dogs who are knowingly infested with any parasites to ensure the safety and well being of all the animals in our care. However, we know that these little critters sometimes can't stay away! If we find a dog with fleas has inadvertently entered our salon we will treat with a specialist flea shampoo and recommend a further follow up treatment at home.

Any ticks found on a dog during the pre-groom health check will be removed using non-evasive methods. You will be informed when you collect your dog to keep an eye on the area, apply a follow up treatment at home and seek veterinary support if required.

Please note, any parasite treatments carry an additional charge as per our terms and conditions. It is vital that we also treat the salon following the presence of parasites to prevent spread to other animals, this also carries a charge. We assure all our customers of a full and thorough cleansing process and that our procedures prevent cross contamination of any kind.

We are happy to bathe your pooch using any veterinary prescribed solutions and support them in a skin and coat care regime. Please discuss your individual requirements with our team of friendly professionals who will offer their knowledge and seek out further advice where required.